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Although the Standard Brokerage Accounts (PSC) and fee-based Premier Asset Management Accounts (PAM) offer different features and benefits, the following details apply to them both, unless otherwise specified.


Portfolio PSC PAM
Income $250,000 $250,000
Strategic Real Return $100,000 $250,000
Dividend Growth $100,000 $250,000
Growth with Income $100,000 $250,000
Growth $100,000 $250,000
Energy N/A $150,000
Precious Metals N/A $150,000


Broker/dealer Puplava Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC primarily transacts business in:

  • Equities (stocks, including preferreds)
  • Cash and cash equivalents (money market)
  • Income instruments (master limited partnerships, royalty trusts, bonds, convertible bonds)
  • Foreign investments (currencies, foreign government bonds, foreign equities)
  • Funds and fund-like instruments (mutual funds, exchange traded funds, exchange traded notes, unit investment trusts)
  • Options
  • Warrants
  • Bullion/coins

Other investment products may be considered to be appropriate investment vehicles under specific situations.

Some portfolios may hold "penny stocks" (i.e. "low price securities"), which involve unique risks.


Portfolio holdings vary according to investment approach and market conditions and may include—but are not limited to:


  • Basic Materials (such as chemicals; gold; silver; minerals; oil;  gas; oil & gas drilling & exploration, equipment & services, pipelines, refining & marketing; steel; iron)
  • Industrial Goods (such as aerospace/defense, machinery, building materials, contractors, construction, electrical equipment & components, lumber/wood, tools, metal fabrication, pollution & treatment, waste management)
  • Consumer Goods (such as beverages, business equipment, cleaning products, dairy, electronics, farm products, food, meat products, office supplies, paper & paper products, personal products, rubber & plastics, toys & games, vehicles)
  • Utilities (such as electricity, gas, water)
  • Services (such as apparel, broadcasting, department and other stores, drug stores, entertainment, grocery stores, travel, marketing, management, publishing, railroads, airlines, restaurants)
  • Healthcare (such as biotechnology; diagnostic substances & equipment; pharmaceuticals; health care plans; hospitals; medical appliances & equipment, instruments & supplies, laboratories & research)
  • Technology (such as software, communication equipment, data storage, electronics, information delivery and support services, internet service providers, long-distance carriers, networking and communication devices, personal computers, circuit boards, technical instruments, semiconductors, telecommunications, wireless communications)
  • Financials (such as insurance, credit services, banks & savings & loans, asset management firms, real estate investment trusts)

Allocations to sectors and sector selections are subject to change as we try to respond to current (or perceived future) market conditions. (Our Investment Strategy section provides more details on when these changes might occur.)


In non-retirement accounts, Puplava Securities, Inc. is able to trade foreign currencies and to transact business on many exchanges around the world. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Portfolio turnover is directly linked to market conditions. Difficult market conditions may result in a higher number of trades; smooth market conditions may result in fewer trades. Due to our investment philosophy, we typically tend to hold positions for the intermediate to long term, although there are short-term trades when warranted by market conditions. For accounts over which we have discretion, we reserve the right to pull out of the markets and hold a partial or full cash position, should we feel market conditions warrant such a move. Similarly, we may hold positions we consider to be "core positions" to the portfolio regardless of market conditions.

Our Investment Strategy section provides more details on when and why portfolio turnover may occur.


We keep our transactions in your portfolio as transparent as possible. As a client, you will be kept up-to-date on your investments via:

  • Online access to your account holdings, monthly statements, trade confirmations, tax documentation, and select Fidelity research through our clearing firm’s (National Financial Services, LLC) client website,
  • Monthly statements and confirmations of trades mailed to you by our clearing firm.
  • For Jim Puplava's clients, our client-only "In the Know" newsletter, available on the Client Site at Clients with discretionary accounts with Jim Puplava not only receive information when a buy, sell, or wait is decided, but also an explanation of the why behind the trading decision as well. However, in specialty accounts, such as the Precious Metals Managed Account or the Energy Managed Account, trading coverage is limited. Trading coverage also is limited for non-discretionary accounts.
  • For Jim Puplava's clients, quarterly portfolio newsletters from members of the trading & management team.
  • Semi-annual performance updates (for fee-based PAM accounts only).
  • Staff accessibility for questions about your investments.


Our clearing firm, National Financial Services LLC, and its affiliates may charge annual fees or interest to act as custodian/trustee/provider of certain types of accounts, such as Keogh, IRA, margin, or check writing/credit card accounts; in some cases, account closure fees may apply.

Annual bullion/coin storage fees and storage fee minimums may apply; bullion/coin holdings may also be subject to "use tax."

Delivery of or changes to certain assets in the account (stock certificates, bullion/coins, or other assets) may involve additional delivery, processing, or shipping fees.

Other fees, charges, and costs may also apply.


Accounts are carried by National Financial Services LLC, Member NYSE/SIPC.


If you are interested in opening an account, please complete our Request Information inquiry form or call us directly at (888) 486-3939 or (858) 487-3939.

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