At PFS Group, we are committed to providing
exceptional asset management and educational
resources that help investors seek to build, maintain
and preserve their wealth.

PFS Group

Three Companies Sharing the Same Vision


Charting the course for the wise investor

As a registered investment advisor, Puplava Financial Services, Inc., doing business as PFS Group, is the "parent company" that provides investment advisory services, resources, and expertise to advisory clients and Financial Sense®. A former host of educational financial seminars, Puplava Financial Services, Inc. advisors now choose to educate and inform via its internet presence, Financial Sense®. Read about PFS


Professionally managed investments for the wise investor

As a registered broker/dealer, Puplava Securities, Inc. provides brokerage account services to clientele who share our value-based, contrarian perspective on the markets. Read about PSI


Applying common sense to the markets

Financial Sense®, with its free market perspectives, editorials and specialized resource news and links, and Financial Sense® Newshour (FSN), with its free interviews with some of today's top financial thinkers, are intended to give each investor, no matter their income or level of financial expertise, a greater understanding of the markets. Read about Financial Sense®


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Three companies sharing the same vision
At PFS Group, we are committed to helping you build, maintain, and preserve your wealth