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A Message From Jim Puplava

James J Puplava CFP

In 1982, when my practice was young, I decided to base my business on one simple idea—to provide our clients with unequaled personal attention and the absolute highest level of sound advice available anywhere. It was our goal then. And it remains our goal even now.

In today's fast-paced world, I think you’ll find our way of doing business a pleasant change. Here at PFS Group you’ll discover the simple courtesies and traditional values of an earlier time. We've deliberately kept our client base small enough to maintain personal relationships with those who entrust their assets to us. We like to feel that we know you, and we want you to feel that you know us. In uncertain times like these, we feel it's more important than ever that we stay abreast of market developments, and that we let our clients know how we're steering them through turbulent financial waters. So we communicate regularly with our clients about how we're implementing and modifying our strategies. We want you to know what we're doing, and to feel comfortable with it.

We know that the stresses and challenges facing you today are unique, and may have made your financial goals—a financial future without worries, a future where your loved ones are secure, a level of financial security that will give you the freedom to live, travel, work, and play on your own terms—seem far away. But we believe those goals are still achievable. With flexibility on our end, and yours, we believe we can help you weather the current storm, and even profit from it.

People often ask me why I stay in business as an advisor when I could easily retire, or why I still offer our Financial Sense educational services free of charge to the public, and the reason is: I love what I do. I have a passion for the markets, and for helping people understand them and benefit from them. My feeling is that everyone, regardless of asset level, deserves equal access to sound financial information, and this is particularly true right now. And there are few things more satisfying to me than knowing something I have said or done has helped relieve a financial burden, or has helped someone make a smarter financial choice.

As for our advisory services, I like to view our clients as investing partners who are as committed as we are to our particular investment philosophy, and to our investment strategy. As for our clients, I hope that they view us as being as equally committed to their financial goals as they are. I like to think that's what my staff and I at PFS Group are here for: to worry about the markets and your assets so you don't have to.

With best regards,

James J. Puplava, CFP



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