As markets, economies, and global power structures change, so will our core philosophy and the investment allocations we make based on it.

Investment Philosophy

PFS Group is the unique vision of one man, Jim Puplava.

A personal love of the stock market, coupled with an understanding of the fundamentals of investing and a renaissance mind for macroeconomics and global trends have solidified his approach to investment management. He has imparted this vision to his team of investment professionals, who now manage his clients' investment portfolios in harmony with this vision.

The foundation of our firm's investment philosophy is based on his understanding of how the fundamental and technical machinations of national and global economies and political changes affect the financial markets. Our investment strategy seeks to take advantage of these changes.


At present, the following beliefs are at the center of our investment philosophy and drive our investment strategy:

  1. Despite temporary periods of disinflation, high inflation over the long term is almost inevitable.
  2. Devaluation of the US Dollar, whether through direct or indirect means, is highly likely.
  3. Resource scarcity is on the horizon for the following resources: energy, food, and water.
  4. Ongoing changes in the global power structure (descending Western powers, especially the United States, ascending emerging economies) will have significant impact on the markets.
  5. Economic conditions are likely to remain challenging for some time.
  6. The credit markets are likely to experience a significant problem in the near future. 

These beliefs drive the long-term investment portion of our diversified portfolios, which includes allocations to precious metals, energy, food, water, agriculture, and infrastructure. They also affect some of our short- and intermediate-term investment decisions.

As markets, economies, and global power structures change, so will our core philosophy and the investment allocations we make based on it.


PFS Group has been helping people pursue their varied financial objectives for over two decades. It has been our experience that if our philosophies differ, then the level of trust in our relationship will not be strong enough to weather the inevitable storms in the markets, or the trading strategies we employ to manage them.


If you are not already doing so, you may want to listen to Jim Puplava (Puplava Securities, Inc.'s President and Founder) discuss his take on the markets and interview financial experts on his weekly webcast radio show: Financial Sense Newshour. You may also want to review Jim's core position articles published on Financial Sense online.


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