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Puplava Financial Services, Inc.

Charting the Course for the Wise Investor

Established in 1985, Puplava Financial Services, Inc. (PFS) is a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. PFS offers several fee-based managed account options to our clients.

As an investment/money management firm, Puplava Financial Services, Inc. has earned its solid reputation over the years by offering clients unparalleled investment advice and service. Some of our clients, who have been with PFS from its humble beginnings, may remember the early days when Jim offered annuity and life insurance policies as well as other investment options, and held public seminars to help other investors plan wisely for their financial futures. While Jim no longer offers life insurance or annuity policies to his new clientele, and now holds seminars only for his clients, he has focused his formidable expertise on an area that he feels provides his clients with the greatest financial benefit: his management of equity portfolios.

Puplava Financial Services, Inc. is the parent company of Puplava Securities, Inc, member FINRA/SIPC, and the employer of our Management Team. PFS also funds our free educational website, Financial Sense online, and weekly webcast, Financial Sense Newshour.

Puplava Financial Services, Inc. believes in giving back to the community. From donations of office and computer equipment, to sponsorship of local baseball and soccer teams and high school bands, to contributions to Hurricane Katrina relief, to funding compassion ministry trips to third-world countries, PFS supports efforts that offer thanks for all that our community provides for us. In addition, many of the PFS staff members donate time and resources to charitable causes or volunteer efforts on an individual basis.

Regulatory Agencies

You are welcome to contact any of the many agencies that regulate our business practices and standards:


If you are interested in opening an account, please complete our Invest with Us inquiry form or call us directly at (888) 486-3939 or (858) 487-3939.

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